A Dandy….A Chap….A Beau

Such a persona and all great things within. Behold the inner self found and on a jaunty paseo

Years of doubt and unwillingness do not exist, an ecdysis shed
It’s about being free, positive and leaving a transcending impact everywhere you go.

A reflective life scenario of a figure rewriting their future consciously, looking beyond the ordinary and yearning to attain greater heights.

The collection is one that is set to explore the extensive boundaries menswear can be rather than assumed norms.The inspired story symbolizes growth, freedom and having the strength to live on in life regardless of mishaps.

It exudes this chiipy effect which is to be confident and to stand out.

The embroidery of flowers signifies fresh new beginnings and the array of quirky C//O symbols are the attributes of the brand. The silhouettes, cuts and styles are free, loose and homogeneous syncing in harmony with the vibrant colors making it easy to style pieces from the collection differently. The fabrics used include upcylced denim, upcyled brocade, poplin, plissé, dotted scuba, mesh scuba, chambray, plaid, spongy crepe and cotton wax print which has historic attributes that are in line with the general collection.

Chiip•O•Neal is here to stay, to live and trendset. It’s an adventure to take and a quirky journey with blurred boundaries.

What a memorable dream to live…

“Chiip Of The New Block”

SS20 Ghana, Worldwide


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